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Don’t Feel Guilty!

A common feeling is guilt. Guilt of not being enough for those around you, guilt of not delivering results, guilt of being incongruent with your actions, guilt of not being you, guilt, guilt, guilt. The permanent hammering question: Are you doing the right thing? This in every decision, every step, every thought!

I feel GUILT all the time, don’t you? I might be abnormal for all the normal definitions of the world, I might be incongruent trying to do and express one thing just to acknowledge that I still do things different that what my heart expresses and my values promote. Still, I’m I THAT BAD?

For years I’ve wondered if I’m doing the right thing, every second, every decision, YET I decide. If I have one thing I love in me is my self proclaimed power to decide, good or bad, there’s always that point in my life where I just decide.

As any life I’ve known and touched, we are all touched and moved by different things at different moments, but I’ve learned to appreciate my superpower ‘cause it’s got me to today, flawed, imperfect, not conventional…but HUMAN.

I am learning to love my humanity, my own self, my curiosity, my obsessions, my loves, my all. It’s painfully hard every day, just like taking a cold shower, but moving out of my comfort zone is what keeps me going every time.

Acknowledging the fact that I will fail, I will lose, I will suffer, and remembering all the times I’ve picked myself up again, makes me realize also that we all have a purpose within us, a purpose we have to continue to find out what it is, ‘cause we are here definitely and ultimately for a bigger purpose than ourselves.

So pick up everything you have, own it, live it, fail it, love it, embrace it, and share it to the world for it to remember that we are all just actors in life’s play, for a brief moment, for a brief space.

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