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Calculated Risk? Is that even a thing

I simply had this thinking. I put writing off because I’m waiting for inspiration. I put it off because I can’t decide whether to write in Spanish or English. I put off writing because I should be meditating, working out, and spending more time with my kids, right? I put off doing many other things in my life, which is OK. Here’s what’s really going on as I resume my Sunday reflections: I was still worried that no one would read or, worse, believe what I was saying. I made the decision to no longer be frightened, so let’s get started.

Many people can witness to my enjoyment of writing and my belief that written communication is preferable to verbal communication. Speaking and writing have always been on and off my agenda, but I believe I’ve discovered why.

Even while I’ve made strides in many areas, showing up for myself is still a work in progress. However, I’ve mastered far more than I realize, and I’m now motivated to be more consistent in all of it. This insight struck me after I finished my Jay Shetty Certification School course and became a true Transformational Coach (diploma and all).

I’ve grown more aware of who I am and how I make decisions as a result of my personal makeover. It’s as though I’m continuously consulting with myself. When I decided to write this today, I began to wonder why we are always told to take calculated risks, think things through before acting, and weigh the implications of our decisions. This is where I disagree; according to my own data, the majority of my decisions, which were frequently based on calculated risk, eventually led my heart to fade. On the other hand, because of my impulsive decisions (most of them) I have learnt faster, experienced faster, and crossed boundaries faster. 

Is there any risk if it is calculated? Is it feasible that the term simply means “don’t trust your instinct, don’t jump until you are certain”? I don’t want to live a life of calculated risk again; I’d rather live a life where danger is part of the trip and mistakes are part of life; otherwise, who is listening to my powerful instinct if I’m listening to my trained and conditioned brain? How will amazing things be created if we merely do what has been told to us?

As always, you are not required to agree with my viewpoint; I simply put it out there in case we come up with further thought on this and other matters and maybe, just maybe, we may stop whining, condemning, and dictating how others should live and instead discover how we want to live ourselves.

I know my line of thought when I write may seem odd, and it sometimes does to me, but that is simply my brain trying to conquer my spirit and vice versa…Stay tuned for the live metamorphosis you will go through with me.

Was it a calculated risk to start this blog more than a year ago? Absolutely not! Is each and every piece a calculated risk? Many of you already know they’re not, because I’ve been publicly humiliated for what I write and think…So I ask myself, “Will I keep putting myself out there without considering the risks?” The answer is: “Hell Yes!” I unequivocally declare.

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